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*This product is compatible with HUAWEI MateBook E, HUAWEI MatePad Pro Series, HUAWEI MatePad Series and HUAWEI MatePad Paper Series running HarmonyOS 2 or later (not including HUAWEI MatePad T and MediaPad). There’s more upcoming HUAWEI tablets compatible with HUAWEI M-Pencil (2ⁿᵈ generation).

HUAWEI M-Pencil (2ⁿᵈ generation) comes coated in a skin-soothing texture, and pure white tone, for exquisite feel and better grip.

The stylus’s transparent pen tip keeps handwriting clear, and its platinum-coated pen core is more durable than you might imagine, so that your scribbles do far more than just scratch the surface!

HUAWEI M-Pencil (2ⁿᵈ generation) is instantly responsive to every stroke on screen, allowing you sketch and scribble to your heart’s content. 4096-level pressure sensing2 allows it to perceive the slightest change in force, and create lines of varying thickness. Ultra-low latency3 navigates the stylus to anywhere you want. You can even draw shadows, by tilting the stylus2 so that you’re writing from the side of the tip.

HUAWEI M-Pencil isn’t just a digital writing tool, it’s highly touch-responsive as well! Switch between the brush and eraser, just by tapping twice on the M-Pencil body.

HUAWEI M-Pencil firmly attaches to your tablet via magnetic force, and can be paired and charged wirelessly5. The stylus sustains a remarkable 10 minutes of writing on just a 30 second charge6, and can be fully charged in an hours, to support 10 straight hours6 of writing.