About Us

Lowest Price, Best Quality. Discover the best of the best in your one stop shop for your gadgets.

We have the latest gadgets and gizmos at unbeatable prices. Apple, Android, Oppo, Samsung, Vivo, and many more! Browse our products here or send us a message at our Facebook page!

Our Goal

  • To give our customers the very best products within their price range.
  • Offering friendly yet professional customer service to make our customers feel that we’re with them from the moment they purchase our products to the moment they’re satisfied with their purchase.

History of the Company

The group was established in February 10, 2012. The core competence of the team is dynamic trading. We trade all kinds of goods including but not limited to cellular mobile phones, electronic products, computers, radios and transmitting equipment and all other merchandising commerce materials. We do it through wholesale and corporate selling and digital marketing, our website is www.techieyard.com. We do it through wholesale, toll manufacturing and packing, logistical supply and distribution to both foreign and local industries.

Our strength comes from listening to the demand of our clients and exceeding their expectations in terms of service using the basic law of supply and demand. We provide recommendations based on analyzed data that our team gathers from in depth research and vast experience from years of being a dominant player within the trading industry.